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We are excited to have you advertise with us!

Wine & Wizdom has created a growing following of 350 viewers on FaceBook & YouTube. Statistics show that our followers range in age between 25 and 53. We average 576 views on our weekly podcast where we discuss topics such as relationships, current events, and share a weekly wine suggestion. With the launch of our new website, a strong focus on branding, and a consistent push of content, we anticipate growing our followers and views greatly.


Advertising with us will broaden visibility to your company’s brand to an audience it may have not ordinarily reached. We have followers who trust our ability to provide authentic perspectives on all things in life. Each week, our followers tune in to hear what Wizdom we have to share.  Our fans also follow our Wine & Wizdom Blog. Take advantage of them hearing about your brand by purchasing one of our packages below.