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a.k.a Shawn_da_Sweetie

Executive Producer

Shawnda a.k.a Shawn_da_Sweetie is born and raised in Virginia. She is a daddy's girl who is a country girl at heart and a city girl in business. She has over 17 years as a Procurement professional. She thoroughly enjoys reading and participates in a 6 member book club, the Book Club Baddiez. She enjoys fine wines, fine times, and fine family and friends. Her three greatest accomplishments are her beautiful, talented, and witty children (25, 22, & 18). The Wine and Wizdom podcast was her brain child to share her raw and authentic friendships with the world with the hopes to empower, encourage, and share laughter. Shawnda sometimes has a sharp tongue, however; she is passionate about those that she loves and by nature and value she's naturally giving. She is thought of as a word goddess and the glue to our circle of friends!

Thanks for all of your support ~Shawn_da_Sweetie~


a.k.a the Cupcake

Media Manager

Crystal a.k.a the Cupcake is a Project Manager with over 10 years of experience. She and her husband, Deven share a 13 year relationship and currently reside in Hanover, Virginia with three beautiful children (25, 20, & 6). Crystal is adventurous and loves doing most things. Some of her hobbies are singing, cooking, dancing, outdoor activities, and drinking wine. Crystal joined the Wine & Wizdom podcast to share different perspectives and ideas and a wide point of view with the hopes of motivating deeper conversation, laughter, and sometimes adding very risque jokes. It is her hope that you will tune in to our PODCAST weekly and share a glass of wine as we offer “wizdom” laced in a sometimes comical perspective.
Thanks for all of your support ~Cupcake~



a.k.a Nic@Nite

Public Relations Manager

Nicole a.k.a. Nic@Nite hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has resided in Richmond, Virginia for over 16 years. She is a Serial Entrepreneur and the CEO of Neighborhood Community Services (NCS) and most recently noted as the Founder and CEO of Quiklid Products. She is the mother of three loving children (28, 27, & 24) and has seven adorable grandchildren. Nicole enjoys researching information, being a business owner, and traveling frequently. She joined the Wine & Wizdom podcast to share advice on all things life with passion and thought who better to build a business with than her closest friends. Her contribution mirrors her life-long goal to see her family and friends, Win!

Thanks for all of your support ~Nic@Nite~



a.k.a Keeeduhhh

Cameo Podcast Host

Markita a.k.a Keeeduhhh was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She is a nurturing and firm mother of two amazing young men. They have been her greatest strength and motivation since their birth. One of Markita’s greatest accomplishments professionally has been making the decision to fire her employer to become a profitable entrepreneur. In 2021, she started her own business, 4 Unity Designs. She later extended her services to include 4 Unity Design Notary Services. She enjoys reading, learning new things from the University of YouTube, Yoga, sightseeing and exploring new places, and trying new recipes. Markita also prides herself on exercising regularly and eating healthy. While she is in most instances the quieter co-host of the varietal, this calm demeanor should not be mistaken for her not having a perspective. She is a Scorpio….LOL!


Thanks for all of your support ~Keeeduhhh~

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